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No project is too small. No project is too big.


About LPE Engineering

LPE ENGINEERING, P.C. (LPE) is a boutique sized, certified Woman Owned Business (WBE) engineering firm. At LPE, we have licensed professionals in both engineering and architecture to address each project structurally and comprehensively.

Our primary service is designing façade restoration and waterproofing of existing buildings where age and/or structural deterioration have contributed to a compromised building envelope. Our clients rely on us to analyze the conditions of concern and respond with long-term solutions to maximize capital investment. We cover all aspects of façade repair/restoration from investigation/design through construction administration in a logical and proven method.
Each project is treated as a unique problem and an experienced project manager or lead engineer is assigned to see the solution through to completion. Paramount in his/her role is to verify client goals and to effectively achieve those goals utilizing our extensive collective experience. Our firm will clearly lay out our process for identifying deficiencies, developing a repair scope and preparing the required project documents.

One of the greatest services we provide our clients is in our commitment to stay with the project during construction: monitoring its progress and quality and assuring that details established on paper during the design phase are employed during the construction phase. We maintain good working relationships with contractors to swiftly address field conditions that are an inevitable part of work on existing structures.

At LPE, we take pride in our “hands-on” approach to projects from initial investigation through design and completed construction.